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Spicy Secrets, Surprises & Satisfiers


Ahh September, the crush of back to school activities is behind you, and the holiday season is still far enough away.

Time to take a breath and savor this moment of calm.  We have delightful surprises, a spicy treat and a nice cup of tea ready, join us for a fabulous month.


Pumpkin Spray

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Summer Daze

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Botanical Care Teas

Rooted in Wellness

We are thrilled to add herbal teas to our wonderful line of wellness products.

Each month we will offer a specially blended tea with a focus on a specific area of health.

These teas are an excellent partner in caring for your body and supporting your sense of well being.

Drop into the shop for a lovely cup of tea and browse our amazing small-batch artisan products.

Can’t wait to see you!



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 This Month we are proud to partner with Earthy Girl Teas to bring you a very special blend.

Sunny Daze!

Grab the last of summer with lemon balm, known as the sunny day herb, peppermint and a splash of calendula flowers.

Move into the fall season with a delicious organic tea to help chase away the blues and the viral icky’s too.


Open Later

Beginning September 6th, we will be open Thursday nights until 6:30 pm to accommodate your busy schedule.

Please visit us and don’t forget to schedule your consults in advance.

Partnering for Your Convenience

We have expanded our selection of essential oils at House of Health in Greensboro, NC to better serve your needs.

Thank you, Randy and staff, for helping us support our customers!

What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils are pure, natural, volatile, aromatic substances created by specialized secretory cells in plants and extracted by distillation with water or steam, cold expression, or dry distillation.  While still in the plant these substances are known as essences.

Methods of Use

Essential oils may be used topically in lotions, balms, spritzers and rubs.  They can be inhaled through different types of  diffusers. They can be added to soaking baths and some can be ingested.  The method chosen depends on the concern being addressed and the preference of the user.

Essential Oils for Physical Well-being

Essential oils may be used to address many health and wellness concerns.  Each oil has certain properties that may be beneficial for certain outcomes.  Whether you are looking to sleep better, have more energy, be more relaxed and centered or have a specific health concern, there’s an oil for that.

Aromatherapy for Children

Children are not just little adults.  In aromatherapy it is vital to recognize that children’s lungs are not fully developed until about age 3, their skin is not fully developed for about 6 months and is far more sensitive, and their illnesses tend to be more acute.  There are different dilutions used for children, based upon their age and/or weight.

Our Services

Beyond all the awesome products we offer, we provide really great services too!

We Teach


Study basic aromatherapy, clinical aromatherapy, essential oil chemistry, formulation techniques, and energetics with Kimberly Seymour & Amber LaBorde.  Begin your journey to becoming a clinical aromatherapist with our 100 hour program, or visit for specialized classes on specific issues or topics and more. We focus on hands on experience and incorporate many blending projects and techniques in all of our classes.  You may also come and enjoy yoga classes as well as aromatherapy focused around yoga topics with Julia Martin; or aromatherapy and skincare concerns with Allison Gallagher.

Speaking Engagements

We serve as an Aromatherapy instructors and consultants to hospitals, long term care facilities, hospices, a wide range of healthcare providers, businesses, educators, spiritual leaders, and lay persons. We can travel to your location for your work, church, group of friends, etc.  to teach our clinical classes or a small topic based class depending on your group’s needs.  We love to travel and even more so we love to teach so contact us for more info on private & group classes/talks.

Be sure to check out our class calendar for upcoming classes.

Because You Are Unique


We offer a variety of consultations to fit your needs. We offer 15 and 30 minute mini consults, a full consult which is 1.5 hours long, we also offer Aromatic Medicine consults for specific needs. Starting a business or starting to carry essential oils and products; we have consults to help with all of this, from creating signature scents for your business or learning what to carry in your retail space or incorporating oils into your practice. We also do custom perfume blends, energy and chakra blending and much more! Click below to get in depth information and pricing.

Custom Blending

Although we offer many stock blends that work well for most people, sometimes you might need a blend created for your specific needs, we are here to help you or to create a personalized formulation with you specifically in mind. If you have found a blend that you want to create but need help with the final formulation to ensure safety of dilution rates and making sure the best and correct oils were given in your blend, this is where we come in to help. Click below for more details and pricing.

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