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While we have taken all precautions necessary to keep ourselves and you healthy, we now have a stay at home order in our city and feel we need to shift how we are operating a little. Please see the notes below:

1. We WILL NOT be open to the public starting 3/30/2020. We will only be in the office 2-3 days per week to ship orders.


We want to thank all of you for supporting us during this, please understand this was a tough decision for us as we want to be here to help keep you all healthy for as long as possible. However we have elderly family members living with some of us and we must do what is needed to keep ourselves as well as them healthy. We thank you all for your support and understanding.

Stay safe and healthy during this time & keep washing those hands!

With Love,
BR Staff

march aromatic happenings

New Product offerings this month:

Herbal Bath Teas are on the website! currently only in 8 ounce sizes. Enjoy this self care for some you time or gift this to someone who needs some down time.

Facial /Feet Steam Herbal kits featured later this month.

Transformation: Spring equinox limited edition blend is ready.
welcome spring with shedding off the old and reawakening to a new day!  This blend will aid in releasing old ideas and behaviors, increase openness and enthusiasm, it can offer inner strength and confidence when faced with more challenging change. Find this special blend in-store and online.
Release & Renew Energy Kit, DIY Cleaning kit coming 3/15/2020
Spring Equinox Ideas & Pop Up Sale
Spring Cleaning Recipes
Class in March: A few spaces are left!
Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils
March 21st & 22nd



Looking to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle – you can find help here.

With a large selection of therapeutic essential oils, effective handcrafted products, and information to help you use them wisely and well, you will be on your way to achieving your wellness goals.

Explore the Learning section for helpful information and some great tips and recipes.

Own a business, we can help you design a product or help you get started in our Business section.

Personal Devleopment

Be your best!

You want the kind of wellness you desire.  We developed services and information to help you reach your goal of living more naturally and achieving healthy outcomes. 

Don’t see what you need, we can help, Contact Us today!

Essential Oil

What’s In Your Bottle

The internet is awash with information about essential oils, some of the knowledge is reliable though all too often, misinformation thrives. Choosing an effective oil can be challenging unless you know what to look for.

Essential oils are organic chemical compounds.  Science tells us how effective essential oils can be in helping the body heal and flourish so you can be at your best.  While it seems the effective use of essential oils is an everyday occurrence, there is a lot to understand when using them to meet your wellness goals.

Cheaper may Not be better

Peppermint smells almost identical to corn mint, and while it is much cheaper, it contains no therapeutic value.  Tea Tree from China has not been proven to have therapeutic value and is much less expensive to buy than an Australian tea tree which has been demonstrated to have therapeutic value.  Beware if the price seems too good. 

Let Us Be your guide

We want you to know what to look for so you can make an informed choice, please download our handy reference guide when choosing an essential oil.


How We define Therapeutic Quality

There are no standardized quality certifications for essential oils.  Terms like therapeutic grade or clinical grade only mean what the supplier intends and is not a measure of superiority.

We use the term therapeutic quality, which means the beneficial constituents are present in the oil and in the right amounts, as demonstrated by the GC/MS (gas chromatography and mass spectrometry) testing results.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Best place ever for all your essential oils, carrier oils, and specialty products!

Nancy Triplet - NC

Loved the employees and all the great items, plus the things they taught me
to help my family and me to live more natural and healthy lives thank you so much for a great experience

Barbara Farlow - NC

Very nice that they have kept the tradition alive. I was worried when the transition happened but worry no longer. Always high-quality essential oils and have found the staff always helpful and knowledgeable. If you desire essential oils, this is THE place in Greensboro to stock up!

Simon G - NC

I’m really glad to have found “Amped Up”. I have Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Neuropathy in my hands and feet. When I have muscle or neuropathy pain, I apply a small amount to the affected area, and within a few minutes, the pain is gone. I sleep better and fall asleep easier. This is one of my favorite BR products!

Susan Rowlett- NC

Common Ailment Relief

Bug Relief




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Monday - Friday

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