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Fire Cider

Containing ACV (apple cider vinegar), fire cider has amazing benefits to support the immune system, especially through the winter months. It also makes a wonderful culinary addition to salad dressing, steamed veggies and many more uses all while helping your body reduce inflammation, fight infection and many other benefits. Easy to make at home from easy to find ingredients, take control of your wellness with this ancient remedy!

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Winter Warming Herbal Steam

Soak Your Way to Wellness This delightful steam bath provides healthy benefits, as well as the plain enjoyment of a nice long soak on a cold winter's day.  I encourage the use of whole herbs in these types of steams. It is important to take time to interact with the...

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Belly Cramp Relief

We look forward all year to this very special time when we visit with friends and family and enjoy delicious treats and wonderful meals. It is so easy to overindulge and find ourselves missing out on the joy of the season. If this happens to you, here's a very helpful...

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Welcome to Botanically Rooted!

But First We would like to offer our deeply felt gratitude. Thank You to all who have continued to support us and follow us on this amazing journey. We also welcome new customers who are just finding us! Our Roots Cindy Loving and Loving Scents have been a valued part...

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