Canine Care

Natural Products for the Love of Your Dog

Love Is the Main Ingredient




Our products contain ingredients that are evidence-based and have been shown to help your dog live a quality life naturally.

Products are made in small batches using therapeutic quality essential oils and lots of love.

We Have An Oil For That


You love your dog but sometimes certain behaviors can certainly test your affection and at other times, you may feel helpless to comfort.  We have several products to help you manage your dog’s experience so you can both be happy.

Downward Dog – anxiety relief  

Thunder Care – noise sensitivity

Home Alone – separation anxiety

Settle Down – hyperactivity

Whoa Boy – hypersexuality 


Dogs are stoic creatures; they will suffer their pain and soreness without complaint.  As dog lovers with older canines, we know how much you care and want your furry friend to have a good quality of life too.

We created a blend just for aging dogs to help them feel like a pup again. Hemp seed, Plai and Lavender bring powerful pain relief to your BFF (best furry friend).

Ache Away – good for dysplasia too!



Bug Repellent

Summer is coming and so are mosquitoes, flees and ticks. Help your BFF stay comfy naturally.

Fleas Be Gone Blend  – flea control

Fleas Be Gone Shampoo – flea control

Ticked Off Gardenwood – tick control

Ticked Off Sweet Earth – tick control

Skeeters Flea – mosquito and flea control



As much as we love them, they can become quite odiferous, sometimes unpleasantly so.

We gotcha covered from tip to tail including the ears, naturally of course.

Fresh & Clean Spray – coat and paws

Canine Ear Wash – ears



First Aid

Accidents happen and when they do, be ready to help with natural products to help relieve discomfort and speed healing.

Sea Legs – motion sickness

Wound Care – minor cuts and scrapes

BooBoo Healing Salve – all-purpose ointment

Hot Spot Healer – stops hot spots cold

Ears Up – helps maintain healthy ears

Muzzle Stuff – relieves nasal congestion and cold symptoms



products intended for use on Canines

DO NOT use on Felines


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