Information for the Student

If you are a cosmetologist, esthetician, or bodyworker, all classes are approved for continuing education credits by NCBTMB

Most classes are open to all students, beginner or the experienced

All classes are structured with both lecture and hands-on experimentation

The student is welcome to take home the products they create in class

Classes and Dates

The therapeutic uses of essential oils

Date: March 21st & 22nd, 2020

What Will You Learn?

This class is designed for beginners and anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of what aromatherapy really is and how to use essential oils.

  • What is True Aromatherapy

  • What are Essential Oils

  • The History of Aromatherapy

  • Proper Methods of Application

  • Therapeutic Properties of 20 Essential Oils

  • Essential Oils Safety

  • Carriers Used in Blending

  • Blending Techniques

  • Formulation Dilutions

  • How to Conduct a Basic Consultation

What Will You Make?

  • Room spray

  • Aromatic cream

  • Sinus inhaler

  • Massage oil

  • Hand soap

  • and more.

In this exciting two-day class, you will discover the therapeutic use of essential oils and how they can help you maintain health, treat acute and chronic pain and reduce stress. You will learn how to safely and effectively use 20 essential oils. This class will pay for itself with less doctor visits and prescription refills! 

In two full, fun days you will create blends like aromatic creams, room sprays, sinus inhalers,  massage oils and more. This class is dense with information, but also fun and relaxing as you delve into learning the many therapeutic benefits of essential oils! 

You will receive a manual you can use as a reference with the information you need to begin practicing the basics of aromatherapy. You will learn how to make therapeutic products, how to make effective blends and recognize and purchase high quality essential oils. You’ll even learn to do a client consultation! If you are a beginner, this is a great place to start your essential oil education and discover if you would like to further your study and become a Certified Aromatherapist. 

Price: $365.00

Butters. Balms, Salves and Lotions

Date: April 18th & 19th. 2020

What Will You Learn?
This class is designed for beginners and anyone who wishes to make their own body butters, lip balms, healing salves, creams and lotions.
We will discuss and learn the therapeutic properties of the following carrier oils, butters and hydrosols:
Avocado Oil
Argan Oil
Baobab Oil
Cocoa Butter
Coconut Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Jojoba Wax
Olive Oil
Sesame Oil
Shea Butter
Sweet Almond Oil
Tamanu Oil
Trauma Oil Herbal Infused Oil
Aloe Vera Gel
German Chamomile Hydrosol
Helichrysum Hydrosol
and more
You will learn the blending guidelines and ratios to make the perfect consistency in your products.
Good Manufacturing Practices
How to label and price for retail sale

What Will You Make?
Skin Nourishing Body Butter
Healing Body Butter
Massage Body Butter
Vanilla Lip Balm
Coconut Lime Lip Balm
Pain and Inflammation Salve
Scar Reducing Salve
Luscious Lotion

This will be a hands on class with 75% of our class time “in the kitchen” making products. Every student will take home each item we make, a $100 retail value. You will receive datasheets for each carrier oil and butter we will be using. These datasheets include the therapeutic properties and nutrient profiles along with some interesting facts. Recipes will also be included so you can go home and make more of your favorite products. These natural products are great for home use, make great gifts for friends and family or you can make extra income by offering them for sale.


Price: $365.00

Therapeutic Blending & the Synergistic Effect

Date: May 16th & 17th. 2020


Prerequisite: None: Class is open to everyone

Do you want to take your blending skills to the next level?
Not sure which is the best essential oil to use in a given situation?
Join us in this 2 day blending exploration where we look at several different blending perspectives and techniques that will give you the confidence and knowledge to make the best aromatherapeutic blends possible.

What Will You Learn?

Blending from different perspectives
Blending by Plant Family
Blending by Plant Part
Blending by Therapeutic Action
Blending by Energetic properties
Therapeutic Properties of Many Essential Oils
The concept of Synergy
Carriers Oils and Butters Used in Blending
Anhydrous vs. Hydrous blends
Blending Techniques
Labeling Guidelines
and so much more


Price: $365.00

Coming Soon

Date: August 2020

Foundations of therapeutic Aromatherapy Program(Level 1 Certification) Live in Person

Dates: 5 Weekends starting in August 2020. Online Coming Soon
Enrollment Opening Soon
Length: 10 Days (5 Weekends)
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m each day
Location: Greensboro, NC
Instructors: Trey Anderson, Amber LaBorde and Kimberly Seymour
Prerequisite: None: This is a beginner level program
Next Session Begins August 2020



Price: on school website

Energy Aromatherapist Certification Program Coming in 2020

Date: TBA

Dates: Online Program (Some modules will also be available live in-person)
Length: Work at your own pace
Location: Online Classroom
Instructors: Trey Anderson with Amber LaBorde and Kimberly Seymour
Cost: Coming Soon
Prerequisite: Level 1 Certification (125 Hours) or equivalent
The Energy Aromatherapy Certification Program is a blend of aromatherapy (both energetic and traditional aromatherapy) combined with energy healing modalities. We will explore different types of aromatic plant material including live plants and trees, dried plant material, essential oils and hydrosols. You will learn how to discover the energetic qualities of these plant materials through several methods including intuitive communication. Join me on this experimental journey as I share my unique process for bringing these different modalities together. Based on the past 25 years of my life, this is a class you can’t get anywhere else.
COMING in 2020
What will you learn?
What is energy?
How to feel and experience energy within yourself and others
How to communicate with plants and plant materials to learn their qualities
The power of intention
Energetic Aromatherapy including the energetic properties of essential oils and hydrosols
How scent can effect energy and the different energetic modalities
The Chakra system and how it functions
Techniques to balance the Chakra system
Polarity Therapy and Ayurveda, what they are and how they work
Polarity techniques to move energy through the body and bring balance to the energy field
5 element theory
The basic concepts of Classical Chinese Medicine
How energy flows in the Meridian system and how to move stuck energy
Acupressure techniques to bring balance to the Meridian system
The energetic qualities of stones and crystals
The study of other energy bodywork modalities and how they can be used
Putting it all together-Discover my unique approach to energy healing with aroma (aromagetics).
And so much more
You will learn to make room clearing sprays, lotion and oil blends for grounding and meditation, hydrosol blends, smelling salts and more.
If you have any questions about the classes, please send me an email and I’ll get right back to you. [email protected]

Price: TBA

Note: Same great classes you have come to expect. We (Kimberly and Amber)  have expanded our teaching offerings and have decided to open a school which is independent from the retail store with our dear friend and  teacher Trey Anderson. We cannot wait to share our knowledge of our Whole Plant, Whole Person, Whole Education with you.

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