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Rowdy Mize
Rowdy M.
11:34 24 Dec 19
Valinda Dees
Valinda D.
22:58 21 Dec 19
Kinsey Engel
Kinsey E.
15:32 20 Nov 19
Absolutely the best quality of essential oils I’ve ever had. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about everything in the store. Used to go there all the time when I went to UNCG, but now I ship them to me in New Jersey! One of my favorite places ♥️
Annette Dunlap
Annette D.
15:29 23 Sep 19
Excellent pure essential oil products
Selwyn Scott
Selwyn S.
05:02 08 Sep 19
Blacksnake Manor
Blacksnake M.
12:39 26 Jun 19
These folks are super knowledgable and super friendly. Highly recommend.
Katie Kieffer
Katie K.
19:07 16 Apr 19
The level of aromatherapy knowledge here is unsurpassed and continues to grow. They are my #1 resource for information about essential oils. I have been using their oils (originally Loving Scents) for about 10 years now, and have always had wonderful results. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who has questions about essential oils. Remember - there are many distributors/consultants/wellness advocates of essential oils from other companies - *most of them have never actually studied aromatherapy*. While their claims may be valid - I always double check with the ladies at Botanically Rooted, because their knowledge is vast and safe use is important. Top notch quality information and products, and a far wider selection than I've found anywhere else...and they're local! I feel like I hit the essential oil jackpot 🙂
Missy Luffman
Missy L.
01:41 26 Mar 19
The only aspect of Botanically Rooted that I don’t like is that I can only give then 5 stars. They make and sell the best essential oils I have ever used as well as many products to use with essential oils. . The staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. If you haven’t been to Botanically Rooted you are missing out on a wonderful experience.
Jessica Reece
Jessica R.
23:26 25 Mar 19
B Wright
B W.
19:17 25 Mar 19
Great place, staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant.Will be going back there for all my aromatherapy needs.
Alaina James
Alaina J.
21:30 16 Feb 19
Let me tell ya, SHOP LOCAL! These people know what they are doing and make a wonderful product. They have knowledgable staff and are super friendly.
Melanie E
Melanie E
13:26 06 Dec 18
Excellence in Aromatherapy education. Responsible in sharing their knowledge. Great retail store but also easy to buy online.
Patricia Gaddis
Patricia G.
00:36 24 Nov 18
Kimberly Seymour
Kimberly S.
17:34 17 Jun 18
Ariel Michelle
Ariel M.
15:07 19 May 18
Perfect scents amazing products great service
Alyssa Williamson
Alyssa W.
12:05 12 Apr 18
Kyle Hemauer
Kyle H.
14:08 29 Mar 18
Ummmm aaaahmazing!!! One hundred percent the place to buy essential oils.... quality, local, scentsational shop!! Seriously the best!!! I met Cindy on her last day and she spent so much time talking and informing me! What a treasure! Enjoy the next adventure(s)!!!
Marquilia Brown
Marquilia B.
12:24 10 Feb 18
Debra Freeman
Debra F.
12:46 13 Jan 18
Janice Foster
Janice F.
17:14 31 Jul 17
I have pulmary fibrosis. I got a virus several weeks ago and it went straight to my lungs. The cough kept getting worse . I was coughing until I could not breath.My daughter called and told you my issues. You knew exactly what I needed. Within 20 min of applying I got relief!! It lasted about 4-5 hrs. The next day the relief was longer. I took a bottle to my Bonus Mom which has the same issues but has asma also. Same thing happened!! The mixture is called "Breath Again" and that's exactly what we did!!! We feel very blessed and thankful for your help!!! God Bless you ladies!!!
Bee Lake
Bee L.
17:12 24 Mar 17
Knowledgeable staff and it smells delicious in there. Visit!
Debra Fuller
Debra F.
02:16 23 Mar 17
Aimee Overstreet
Aimee O.
15:13 28 Feb 17
Jen Jen
Jen J.
16:53 23 Feb 17
Very knowledgeable and helpful ladies. Wonderful oils!
Tina Hopkins
Tina H.
00:32 30 Jan 14
Alicia bwell
Alicia B.
15:40 06 Jun 13
Wonderful oils, excellent educator, superior quality. What a great place. Thank you for all you do. If ever a person want to learn and receive knowledge that can be used forever go to Loving Scents.

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