The Family is Coming!

Getting together with friends and family and eating delicious food can be the best part of the holiday season. It can also mean upset tummy’s, belly aches and other unpleasant side effects from overabundance. We want to help you thrive this holiday season, read on to learn how.

Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.


That Magical Root

Ahh, ginger, that magical root, cultivated for over 5,000 years and respected for its medicinal properties and in the middle ages, to ward off the plague.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) comes from the same family as cardamom and turmeric and has been heralded the world over as a digestive aid.  Writing ~2500 years ago, Confucius remarked he was never without ginger when he ate. Ginger is listed in the De Materia Medica in 77 CE stating that it warmed and softened the stomach.  During the Revolutionary War, it was part of the soldier’s diet.

With such a long and storied past, it is no wonder ginger made the top of our ingredients list for the holiday season.  Fear those get-togethers no more, with cider, tea, and room spray we will be your best wellness partner this holiday season!


Bonfire Cider

Bonfire packs a powerhouse of spices, vegetables, and herbs to perk up your digestive system and help ward off nasty contagions.

Made in a small batch by our Clinical Aromatherapists and Herbalists, this cider is a compliment to your wellness routine.  With the holiday season upon us, it is good to have a well-stocked arsenal.  Bon Fire should be front and center!


Chai is a traditional Indian spiced tea that warms the body and assists digestion. Most chai recipes call for some black tea, but this is made with chamomile instead, which makes this tea caffeine-free.

This is delicious served hot before bed on a chilly night, during stressful times when you need a hug, or blended with ice cubes and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla soy milk or honey and cream may also be added.

Pumpkin Spray

With a lovely combination of cinnamon, ginger, mace, and clove, this spray will delight the senses while relieving the effects of overindulgence

It’s like breathing your way to comfort, ahh.

Available as a diffusion blend too.



This blend is so helpful for relieving abdominal cramps. These essential oils are profoundly calming and work to effectively soothe spasms and cramping.

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