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Health & Wellness

We offer an extensive product array to care for families. Our Aromatic Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Aromatherapists are developing and curating products to assist with a variety of concerns and circumstances that may be keeping you and your family from being your best.

Essential Oils+

Our oils come from trusted sources.  From wildcrafters to growers, sustainability, care, and quality are an integral part of their business.  We put a lot of care into selecting our suppliers, so you can feel comfortable you are buying safe, effective, environmentally friendly and fair-traded oils.

Other Essentials

We offer many ingredients and supplies to blend one of the many trusted recipes or formulate your own personal blend. Don’t forget hydrosols and Shea butter, they complement many combinations. Need bottles, test strips, and other essentials, we have them too!

Animal Products

Essential oils are not just for us humans. Arthritis, ear infections, fleas, and calmness, there is a blend to help.  Allergy and itching, there’s shampoo for that too, and a fantastic spray to help your furry baby smell as pleasant as they look good.  Keep them healthy and feeling great!

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