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You are unique and we treat you that way.

Through consultations and custom blending, we strive to meet your individual needs!

Through education, we strive to broaden your understanding!



Personal Consultations

Knowing what holistic and natural wellness essential oils and products to use can be confusing.

We are here to help, whether you need a little bit of support or more, we have appointments to meet your needs.

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60 minutes $60.00

What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows

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Professional Business Consultations

Whether you are starting a business or wanting to incorporate essential oils into your practice, we are here to support you.   

Essential oils can be a powerful partner in your business, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure it all out.  Let us Help!

30 minutes $30.00

60 minutes $60.00

Custom Blending


One Size

We offer a large variety of stock blends that address many common concerns typically experinced, and they all work very well.

Yet, there are times when a unique solution is needed to address your specific concern.  This is where custom blending can be a huge benefit.

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Your Experience

First, we understand your specific needs which may require a consultation.

Secondly, we select the beneficial oils to address your unique concerns which may include research.

Lastly, we create the blend and provide guidance to ensure effective use.

Need Guidance

Whether you have created your own blend, exploring a signature blend or looking for something unique we can help.  

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will be glad to assist you in ensuring proper dilution rates, oil combinations for the intended use and other safety concerns.  

Private Labeling


Low Minimum Order

We offer small batch processing with minimum’s that fit the small business budget. 

We know the challenges of being a smaller business and we want to help you overcome the obstacles of having to order much more than you need.  Let us help you create the perfect balance. 

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Your Product Your Label

We offer several types of arrangments to assist you in bringing your products to market. As a small business owner, you may be experiencing challenges finding the right level of support.  We can assist,  small is our core focus and we are cruelty-free! 

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Education Services


Study basic aromatherapy, clinical aromatherapy, essential oil chemistry, formulation techniques, and energetics with Kimberly Seymour & Amber LaBorde.

Begin your journey to become a clinical aromatherapist with our 100-hour program, or visit for specialized classes on specific issues and topics including continuing education credits.

Our format includes both lecture and hands-on experience and incorporates many blending projects and techniques. This type of learning helps to reinforce key concepts and allows the participant to gain confidence in working with the oils.

Speaking Engagements

We serve as aromatherapy instructors and consultants to hospitals, long-term care facilities, hospices, a wide range of healthcare providers, businesses, educators, spiritual leaders, and laypersons.

We travel regionally, offering education and guidance in the effective use of essential oils using the most current evidence-based research to support the instruction.

We are so committed to supporting essential oils in institutional settings, we even created an entire line dedicated to the special needs of clients and caretakers, LovingScents Scents-ible Solutions.

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