Good Sleep Is not A Dream

There's An Essential Oil Blend For That!

Trying to get good sleep can keep you up at night.  Pain, anxiety, respiratory concerns, stress, anger and so much more can act against your natural instincts and cause sleepless nights and exhausted days.

Studies show good health declines as the quality of sleep diminishes.  Poor sleep is associated with a lack of judgement, poor learning and memory in the short-term and impacts health.  In the long-term lack of good sleep is linked to obesity, diabetes, and some cancers.

Thankfully, essential oils can be a great partner in your quest for restorative sleep.  Essential oils are natural and will help you wake refreshed without the groggy-foggy feelings that some sleep aids create.

Read below to find the blend that will help you sleep no matter what’s keeping you up.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, only 37% of those with chronic pain report having a good nights sleep.

Helps Relieve Insomnia and Pain – Linalool has been shown to affect the perception of pain in the hypothalamus. Found in both Lavender and Bergamot, this sleep blend helps reduce the perception of pain while elevating mood and lowering stress and agitation.


Allergies, cold and other respiratory ailments can affect both the duration and the quality of sleep.

Sweet Dreams – contains Fragonia which is renowned for its ability to improve respiration, and is the go-to when breathing is a challenge.  With the addition of both Lavender and Marjoram, long sweet dreams are just an eye shut away.


There are moments in our lives when it may be just a bit too much.

You may have thoughts whirling around your mind, jumping from one topic to another and back again, you may even feel like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Peaceful Sleep – will help you ground and bring order to chaos, containing Spikenard, Lavender, and Marjoram, your mind will calm and thoughts will lazily drift away as you are lulled into a deep and peaceful sleep.



Overworked, Overwhelmed, Over-stressed, Overstimulated, Over…  In the caffeine-fueled, high octane lives we tend to lead, sleep can be wishful dreaming.

Sweet Sleep – is a lovely spray containing Mandarin and Lavender which helps the body and mind begin to slow and relax.   Neroli guides your frazzled nervous system into a state of tranquility and ease while Jasmine lulls you into a place of relaxation, helping you to drift lazily into sweet sleep.



Anger and stress are powerful states that can disrupt sleep and daily life making living difficult for yourself and those around you.

Into The Deep – Lavender brings balance and clam to agitated states while Neroli smooths frayed nerves and soothes an overworked sympathetic nervous system, reduces anxiety and helps with emotional exhaustion.  Sandalwood cools hot and agitated emotional states and works with Neroli to quiet the central nervous system and if you are having a bout of sinus, it will help with that too!


Loneliness affects people of all ages and can disrupt sleep through mechanisms not clearly understood. According to a 2016 Harris Poll which surveyed more than 2,000 adults, they found 72% felt lonely at times.

Dreaming Away -Rosewood with its high linalool content makes you feel like you are receiving a big warm hug and settles the brain and body into sleep and relaxation.

While Lavender High Altitude settles deep into the lung system and sends messages to the brain to relax and eases one into a restful sleep. Marjoram Sweet has a major effect on the central nervous system and tells the body to stay asleep. Bergamot lowers your perception of pain and is also used for depression that often comes with these issues.

Custom Blends

We are all unique and sometimes we need a unique solution.  We can help, our knowledgeable clinical aromatherapists can work with you to identify your particular needs and custom blend something just for you and your concern.

Schedule an appointment for a consultation and begin your journey to your most rested self!


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